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HunterLab instruments duplicate how our eyes see color. Our spectrophotometers measure your product color and give numerical values that correlate to what you see. These objective measurements optimize the confidence of your quality decisions. HunterLab’s more than 60 years of experience and expertise ensure that you have the right spectrophotometer for your application. That’s why thousands of companies have selected HunterLab to be their color measurement partner.



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Portable Spectrophotometers

If you need to measure color outside the laboratory, take the MiniScan EZ. Measure samples on the plant production floor, in storage areas, shipping departments or virtually anywhere that is convenient. No more running back and forth between the production line and the lab. Read More

Bench Spectrophotometers

HunterLab bench-top color measurement systems offer the ultimate in sample measurement precision and versatility. Whether your product is large or small, liquid or solid, powder or flake, smooth or textured, one of our bench-top systems will provide the best solution to your sample measurement needs. Read More

On-Line Spectrophotometers

On-line systems provide continuous, real-time measurement of your product on a process line. This allows you to respond to product color changes when they happen, as they happen. HunterLab on-line instruments make real-time color measurements of your product, without contact or intrusion, as it is being produced. Read More

Color Process Automation Technology (cPAT)

Color Process Automation Technology (cPAT) is a fully integrated, online color measurement and color control solution tailored to specific continuous manufacturing processes such as plastics processing, plastics compounding, coated paper and food products. This unique system allows for automated adjustments to be made, in real-time, based on color measurements taken directly from the process stream. Read more

Color Measurement Software

Several software packages are available for use with HunterLab systems. Read More

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