On-Line Instruments

HunterLab on-line instruments make real time color measurements of your product, without contact or intrusion, as it is being produced. From beginning to end, production runs can be continuously monitored to identify color variation and out-of-spec product. Current applications include:

  • Building Products – glass, siding, plastic, lumber, insulation and roofing.
  • Food – processed, baked, fried, and roasted.
  • Paint – coated aluminum and steel.
  • Paper – lightweight low opacity paper, coated board, fine paper, and colored/white paper.
  • Plastic – pellets, film, and extruded sheet products.
  • Textile – denim dyeing, automotive fabric, carpet, finishing, continuous dyeing for apparel fabrics.
  • Other – crushed stone, fertilizer.

ColorQuest On-Line Haze

The ColorQuest OL Haze is an on-line spectrophotometer that continuously measures the transmitted color of plastic film and sheet that is clear or hazy. Color, yellowness and transmission haze can be measured. It is excellent for the in-process control of products with color, or the yellowness of colorless product. Learn more on the Hunter Lab Website

SpectraTrend HT

HunterLab’s next generation SpectraTrend HT spectrophotometer takes color quality control to its highest level with 0/30 design for the ultimate in color measurement precision. Combining versatility, simplicity and performance, the SpectraTrend HT reflects almost 60 years of color measurement innovation in one easy-to-use, compact continuous online non-contact color and height measurement. Learn more on the Hunter Labs Website