Ask us about”Aeros” Hunter Labs Latest non-contact color measurement system.

Nira Sciences

Nira Sciences has over 20 years of experience in the measurement of Color and Appearance. We are the Israeli distributors of Hunter Labs, Zehntner and ISO Color. These three synergetic companies can help solve all your color and appearance measurement and formulation needs.

Our instrumentation enables you to monitor and qualify your production to be able to repeatedly produce the same quality product time after time. This leads to tremendous savings in your production by controlling raw material use, fewer product rejection, and exact production parameters and tolerances.  Our experience will help provide you with the best instrumentation to address your specific needs. Read more

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Exclusive Distributors of:


HunterLab provides the most effective instruments and services available for the identification, measurement and control of the way things look. Read More

Zehntner GmbH Testing Instruments – The Swiss manufacturer of precision measuring and testing instruments for the quality control of all types of surfaces. Read More


ISOCOLOR designs and delivers efficient color management solutions to the leaders of the color industry using advanced color matching technology and sophisticated color measurement devices. Read More

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